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Sapient Curse

Spellcrest Academy



Do you ever feel like you’re cursed?

It’s been a year since Maeve and company overthrew the plague vampires and reclaimed Spellcrest Academy. There are plenty of reminders of that dark chapter in the school’s history, but everyone is doing their best to move forward.

A special memorial is unveiled to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the plague vampires’ defeat and honor those lost in the battle. But not everyone is thrilled about it…

The plague vampires’ parting gift was creating new vampire students, and their challenges are just beginning. Not only must they deal with their agonizing transitions, but they’re also facing a growing population of students and faculty who believe vampires don’t belong at the academy.

And everyone’s favorite little elf, Nym, is one of them.

Maeve will do whatever she can to help and protect her friends. However, she’s got new problems of her own, starting with a Divination reading informing her trouble is coming…

Maeve doesn’t want to believe in this Divination stuff, but as problems compound, she can’t continue denying her readings. It’s always been a challenge for her to stay out of trouble, and her sapient year proves to be no different.

A new adventure begins with the emotionally charged seventh book of the Spellcrest Academy series.

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