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Medial Candidate

Spellcrest Academy



A normal year is not in the freakin’ cards…

Maeve and her friends start their second year at Spellcrest Academy, where they've advanced to the class of medials.

On day one, Maeve finds a mysterious crystal skull on her bed. When she touches it, she’s instantly transported to the lonely tower with six other mystified Master Classmen.

During that meeting, Maeve is introduced to a secret society made up of Spellcrest’s elite, positioned to make profound impacts on the world after graduation. The only problem is the fact she’s a medial tapped to join a secret society intended for Master Classmen. Naturally, Maeve’s presence isn’t universally appreciated.

As the candidate challenges mount and secrets are revealed, Maeve suspects she may not have been chosen for her elite status, but for a much more sinister purpose. And when she discovers the truth, it may be too late to save herself, her friends, and quite possibly the entire Academy…

A whole new adventure is about to begin with the thrilling fourth book of the Spellcrest Academy series.

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