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Doria Falls

Higher Realms



In Doria Falls, the sky is falling.

Since Oliver cannot transition home, he has Mr. Gordon’s assurance that they’re finally on their way to meet Oliver’s father. The journey will not be easy with Provex City on the brink of collapse. Doria, located in the plane just beyond the majesty of Provex City—one more step and one more lifetime away—may not even survive. It is in that plane where Oliver’s father is hiding the rebellion camp, which may not remain hidden for long.

Once he gets there, nothing is what Oliver expects—not what’s left of the crippled new plane, not the rebellion against the greater Lorne family, not his father, and not Oliver’s newfound capabilities. But everything Oliver has learned thus far is put to the test when he finds himself once again face-to-face with the bogeyman—the patriarch of the all-reaching Lorne family—Kafka himself. This time Oliver may not be so lucky.

Welcome to Doria Falls.

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