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Spellcrest Academy



Sacrifices must be made...

Just when she thinks she’s regaining a smidgen of control, Maeve finds herself starting back at square one. After another bitter betrayal, she doubles her efforts on training for the anticipated battle ahead.

Maeve’s not ready to face the Sewn Man again, but she’s forced to sign a contract in blood, requiring her to do just that. With the help of her mother and those she used to consider enemies, Maeve must retrieve the lost needle and return it to the headmistress. If she fails, then her parents will never be pardoned. And if she tries to keep the needle for herself, then she will be imprisoned in a soul crystal—in other words, she’ll become crystallized.

In order to keep the Academy safe, it will require everyone to put aside their squabbles and differences and confront the army amassing at the Academy’s gate. And the Sewn Man is leading the charge.

The fate of the Academy is at stake.

Class is out of session. Now, it’s time for the students of Spellcrest Academy to use what they’ve been learning, but will it be enough?

Maeve's new and old worlds collide in the electrifying third book of the Spellcrest Academy series.

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