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Angeles Covenant

Angeles Vampire



A girl on the run. A dreaded declaration. A time of unforeseen change

After the shocking events at the True North Society compound, Fiona is deemed a traitor and finds herself on the run. Luckily, she discovers she still has a friend in the Society, but he informs her that Matthew has disappeared. Since she can’t go home, Fiona is forced into hiding, fearing the worse.

Matthew has plenty of his own problems. Syrithia left him for dead in the desert, and he doesn’t know why or where her allegiances really lie. Matthew also knows Fiona is in trouble, but he’s helpless to get to her while the sun inches over the horizon.

Meanwhile, something has changed. The True North Society has coveted key dates of future events for decades. However, they get their first glimpse that the current timeline is different. Vampire Nation makes their fated announcement, which isn’t when it is supposed to happen. So the end may be coming sooner than anyone realized…

Rejoin Fiona and Matthew as they try to make sense of a world they thought they knew in the HEART-STOPPING fourth book in the Angeles Vampire series.

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