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Spellcrest Academy



When your eyes have been opened, it’s hard to close them again…

Maeve tried to escape and forget all this magic stuff, but when she finds a seam opened in her apartment, she comes to realize that this is her new reality.

Magic exists. And she so needs to move.

There’s no use running, and she desperately needs answers after the bombshell dropped on her in the Crystal Crypt.

Maeve has unfinished business at Spellcrest Academy, but this time will be even harder than the last. Her needle is gone—her powers, nonexistent. In essence, she’s gone from one of the most powerful new students to the absolute weakest.

And it’s important for her to keep up with the rest of her class in order to remain enrolled—and she needs to remain enrolled in order to find the answers she seeks.

This sure as hell isn’t going to be easy.

Maeve's journey continues in the breathtaking second book of the Spellcrest Academy series.

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