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Angeles Reckoning

Angeles Vampire



The end is here. A fight for all mankind. Where one door closes, another opens...

Fiona has been getting in trouble for keeping secrets from her friends ever since she joined the True North Society. She has one last secret—a big one—but she can’t shield her friends from the future any longer. A nuclear attack is coming. It’s time to prepare.

As much as Matthew tries to convince her to escape with the rest of the Society, Fiona refuses to leave her friends behind. She refuses to leave Matthew behind, ready to instead sacrifice a potentially long and happy life in space for a few more days on Earth with her soulmate. But will her sacrifice be worth it? Staying behind does not guarantee she’ll be able to save the ones she loves.

Matthew has awoken as a new man. He accidentally stumbled upon a vampire secret that has remained hidden for centuries. However, it makes his future more uncertain than ever. He’s forced to make the ultimate choice—the choice he wasn’t given decades ago. Human or vampire?

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