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Angeles Prophey

Angeles Vampire



An act of war. A chilling return. A discovery that changes everything.

A year has passed since vampires came into the light and Fiona learned that her mother had been turned. Society has changed to accommodate its new blood-thirsty population, a transition that’s been far from easy. There is also a growing movement of people who don’t accept vampires and their new place in society, resorting to vigilantism to preserve human life and liberty.

As the divide grows, society crumbles…

Matthew is receiving more pressure from the Vampire Order to find the man rumored to end the world. After last year’s failed mission, the legendary vampire became a ghost. In order to flush him out, Matthew must take drastic measures. And as much as he prepares for the inevitable retaliation, he can only hope it will be enough.

No one knows what to expect next. No one is safe. And no one is truly ready for what’s coming…

Rejoin Fiona and Matthew as they desperately fight to keep those around them safe in the EXPLOSIVE PENULTIMATE BOOK in the Angeles Vampire series.

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