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Angeles Betrayal

Angeles Vampire



A deadly mission. A traitorous proposal. A fragile love caught in the balance.

Fiona doesn’t feel like life will ever be normal again, but she’s finally found her sense of purpose and worth in the True North Society. She’s been granted more time with her estranged father. She and Matthew have been swept up in the joys of young love. But a treacherous request threatens to take it all away.

Matthew’s been tasked by the mythical Vampire Order with a mission to assassinate the man rumored to end the world. If Matthew can succeed, he just might change everything. Or he may discover the future that has been foretold may not be so easily thwarted.

Fiona will be forced to make an impossible choice—betray the Society that’s given her a new life or sign the death warrant for someone she loves. Matthew must face the demons he’s been trying to shelter Fiona from since the beginning. But it may be too late to shelter her… It may even be too late to save her…

Rejoin Fiona and Matthew as they journey to chilling new depths of danger and deception in the EXPLOSIVE third book in the Angeles Vampire series.

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